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The elliptical machine is one of the best options for working out at the gym or at home if you happen to own one. It’s also a mainstay that lets you get a great workout because it’s easy on the joints, works out your entire body and lets you get great cardio exercise. However, at the same time, the elliptical can quickly become tedious due to its repetitive nature. The great thing is that you can get the most out of your workout on the elliptical machine by mixing things up with smaller workouts instead of spending 30 minutes at a time on the machine. You can perform the following 15 workouts whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro who prefers exercises that are higher in intensity. If you want to work out specific muscle groups, you can greatly benefit from these exercises. There are even exercises for people who love the treadmill and its simplicity.

Great Beginner Workout on the Elliptical Machine

 For people who are brand new to using the elliptical machine or to working out in general, there is a great exercise for you. This fantastic beginner elliptical workout uses all of the machine’s various features and lets you get a better idea of what to expect with the elliptical. Simply pedal forward during your workout. It will work out a variety of muscles, including your quadriceps, which will quickly feel a burn. Switch things up by pedaling backward and you can nicely work out your hamstrings and glutes. Also concentrate on pushing the handles on the machine to work out your pectoral muscles. Pulling the handles, on the other hand, work out the muscles in your upper back. You can also challenge the stability of your core by continuing the pace on the elliptical machine while not holding the handles.

Beginner Workout with Varying Speeds

If you really want to push yourself in spite of being a beginner to the elliptical machine, you can try a 60-minute workout with pyramid intervals. Switch up your pace from slower to faster and back to slower over the time duration. Also, focus on changing the incline of the machine at certain points. This workout is meant to push your body to the max, but at the same time, you give yourself recovery periods so that you can feel strong throughout.

Firmer Glutes Workout

Change the incline of the elliptical machine and start moving. This will give your glutes more of a workout and double in giving your hamstrings great exercise as well. Make sure to keep your heels down while you’re on the machine.

Core Workout

You can easily work out your core while on the elliptical machine simply by letting go of the handles. It makes your body work faster as you try to stay balanced. The faster you can move, the better a workout you can give your core.

Similar to the Treadmill Workout

If you are more of a fan of the treadmill but can’t find one available when you’re at the gym, you can rely on the elliptical and perform this workout. It mimics moving on a treadmill. Don’t hold onto the handles and instead, keep your arms in the bent position as though you are running. It can surprisingly make you feel as though you’re actually running.

Two-Machine Workout

Alternate your workouts by moving from the elliptical machine to the stationary bike. It gives you a great set of cardio exercises and really works up a sweat.

Short on Time Workout

If you have to do a workout but are short on time, you can do this great 22-minute routine. Including the warmup and cooldown, it is done by making the resistance settings on the machine more challenging and works out all the muscles. You should also alternate between pushing and pulling the handles.

Shorter Intervals Workout

Decrease the amount of rest time between your workouts on the elliptical. This pushes your anaerobic core to the max and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Do your normal routine but limit your rest periods.

Total Body Workout

You can get a great 30-minute workout on the elliptical by moving in both directions on the machine in 15-minute intervals. Set the incline to 20 to 30 percent, put your hands on your hips and keep moving steadily during each. It will increase your heart rate and get you sweating in no time.


If you have 30 minutes to spare, you can do this great elliptical workout. It involves setting the incline between 20 and 30 percent and changing the resistance from 5 to 9 at varying times. Change the speed of your steps and switch up your movements from forward and pulling on the handles to backward to a no-hands approach.

Lunchtime Workout

Another 30-minute workout on the elliptical can be done during your lunch break. Do a simple fast-paced sprint on the machine with the incline set to 20 percent. Resistance should alternate among 6, 7 and 8 throughout the workout.

Get In, Get Out Workout

A 20-minute full-body workout can be done if you’re pressed for time. Use a fast pace on the machine and set the resistance to 10 for every other set.

Rock Out

Get on the elliptical machine with a great playlist going on your iPod or iPhone. Switch speeds with the speed of each song to vary your workout.

Rock Out Again

Do your elliptical workout to a playlist of only faster-paced songs. If heavy metal is your thing, you should get a great workout trying to match your pace to the music.

Girl Power

Use a girl power playlist to really get your heart pumping while doing your elliptical workout.

These are all great elliptical workouts that are sure to get your blood running faster and your body in a healthy burn. You will be fit and toned with more energy than ever.